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Beyond simplicity

We made a tool for DockeryOdoo.
It’s called OdooUp.

$ sudo pip install odooup
$ odooup init <PROJECTNAME>

From there, just keep watching.
It will unveil it’s beauty all by itself.


Join an existing project on DockeryOdoo.
Wrapping submodule clones and sparse checkouts for you.

$ sudo pip install odooup
$ version=12.0
$ odooup clone ${version} <REPO>

Sparse checkouts effectively filter on omnium gatherum repos.
All git native.

Watch it in action

Usage Scenarios

There are two main usage scenarios.


  • Best use a git submodule workflow for your vendored repositories.
  • For sparse-checkout on submodules, start with this stackoverflow answer.

Next Steps:

  • Set up your Deployment Infrastructure.1
  • Customize your CI/CD pipeline.2
  • Join our growing Telegram Community to get help from other early birds.
  • Submit a blog post of your journey to be chosen and linked as reference implementation of either scenario.

1 Odoo-Operator will do canary deployments and operate review apps.
2 We recomend GitLab as the best available development lifecycle companion.


Dockery-Odoo is the fastest and cleanest way to get up to speed with your Odoo development.

Docker Based

Leverage industry best practices through a docker centric development workflow.

Kubernetes Ready

Built with industry standard kubernetes deployment and operation model in mind.

Convenience by Default

Never again waste time on project setup, ever.

Ecosystem Player

Optimized for excellent teamplay with CI/CD.

Descriptive Migration

An improved descriptive migration controller build into it.

Translation (to come)

Integration with Transifex, Weblate, GitHub and GitLab.

Driven by you

For a fun and joyful community experience!
We have all been waiting too long.

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